Our Practices

Employment and Labor Litigation

Despite all of the efforts that our clients undertake to remain in compliance and to appropriately handle hiring, terminations, and the myriad of situations and concerns regarding employees, there are lawsuits that cannot be prevented.  The goal of the early and consistent involvement of our Group in employment decisions is to put clients in the best possible position to obtain an early dismissal of these litigations and to create a strategy for the best and earliest resolution we can achieve.  As alternative dispute resolution methods can offer an avenue to contain costs and risk in appropriate actions, we also weigh arbitration and mediation options, and when appropriate, have included them in the employment contracts that we draft for our clients.  We are always ready, however, to defend our clients and/or pursue actions in all courts and tribunals when necessary, including seeking expedited emergent applications for injunctive relief to protect our clients’ confidential and proprietary information, trade secrets and intellectual property, or to expeditiously oppose such actions taken against our clients or their employees.

Areas of Focus  

  • Whistleblower/CEPA Defense
  • Non-Compete/Restrictive Covenant and Protection of Confidential Information
  • Executive Terminations
  • Defense of Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Discharge Claims
  • Family Medical Leave Claims
  • Wage and Hour Litigation
  • Defense and Negotiated Resolution of OSHA Violation Citations