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Representative Matters

  • Successfully defending a major television broadcast company in connection with a defamation suit filed by politicians in a large urban city in northern New Jersey following an expose regarding corruption in the city.
  • Successfully defending the campaign of a candidate for Governor in the tri-state area against a libel suit brought by a primary opponent relating to alleged false and defamatory statements concerning the opponent published in mailers disseminated by the candidate’s campaign office.
  • Successfully defending a publisher of a medical journal in a suit involving claims for false light invasion of privacy and defamation premised on the publication of a research article that identified the plaintiff as a co-author of the article where he had requested that his name not be associated with the publication.
  • Successfully defending a television broadcasting company and “shock jock” on First Amendment and other grounds in connection with an alleged injury caused by satirical materials aired on the show.
  • Successfully defending on First Amendment grounds a talk show host in connection with claims asserted by guests on a television program who claimed to have been subjected to harassment and personal injury by audience members and security guards.
  • Successfully prosecuting a commercial defamation case on behalf of an information technology company where a competitor posted false and defamatory information regarding the client on the competitor’s website.
  • Successfully defending an international news wire service against a defamation claim brought by a school teacher for publication of an allegedly false and defamatory quote in a news report relating to a matter of public concern.
  • Defending a television station against defamation, false light and privacy torts relating to the broadcast of a news media ride along with police.
  • Defending a television station against defamation claims brought by a doctor for the news broadcast of allegedly false and defamatory statements concerning his license.