Meet the challenge. That’s what we help our manufacturing and distribution clients accomplish in a field where it has become increasingly difficult to run a profitable business in the U.S.  Brick-and-mortar manufacturers are struggling to remain a mainstay of our economy, due to the outsourcing of much of the work overseas.

New technologies and processes have made even the heaviest of industries more efficient, more productive and more competitive on the world stage than ever before. And as a whole, manufacturers are more environmentally responsible than in any time in our history, making the process more expensive.

Our attorneys are not only business-minded professionals; they also understand the specific factors unique to the manufacturing business … factors like costing systems, equipment leasing, sales and use tax, financing, factoring, employee benefits and product liability issues.

For companies in these evolved “classic” businesses, Sills Cummis & Gross offers the full legal expertise of our practice groups.