Digital Media and Technology

Digital Media and Technology have changed the world as we know it. Our mission is to guide our clients through the inevitable choppy waters on a 24/7 basis.

Our attorneys represent several of the biggest names in in this industry. From critical transactions to the most important litigations, our attorneys work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. While the law continues to evolve in tech and digital media, our patent prosecutors work at the forefront of innovation to craft strategies insuring our clients’ intellectual property is well protected.

We also take pride in our representation of some of the youngest and brightest companies in these industries. Our lawyers understand that early stage financing is only the first phase in the life cycle of a technology-based company. We take a comprehensive approach that can address all aspects of a business’s evolution. We have been called the “Wall Street west of the Hudson” due to our extensive work in financial matchmaking, pre-IPO financing, IPOs, spin-offs and acquisitions.

At home in the new paradigm, we understand the issues and challenges facing the industry, from intellectual property to privacy, liability and digital transactions, where traditional concepts don’t always apply. We have broken new ground in drafting customer agreements, contracts and other vehicles that deal with new concepts of product and service that didn’t exist just a few years ago and have helped our clients avoid legal and financial pitfalls.