Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey

Steven E. Gross is an Emeritus Trustee and a former Vice Chair of The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey, a $150 million charitable foundation formed as a result of the sale of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center to Saint Barnabas Medical Center. He also co-chaired the Grant Evaluation Committee and the Finance and Management Committee of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s goal is to enhance and provide a new perspective to health care and health-related problems, and, where appropriate, seeks to provide leadership in identifying problems and in seeing that such problems are studied. Further, it seeks collaboration not only in the study of problems but in proposing solutions and in the funding of programs dealing with these solutions. The Foundation has established appropriate guidelines and standards so that it is able to consider proposals from organizations and institutions seeking funds to further its mission.

The Foundation has the capacity not only to make grants but also to follow up and evaluate the work it supports. A principle of its operation is flexibility, so that it will always be in a position not only to react but to act to identify new areas of concern and different kinds of programs and methods in its special area of health and health care.