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Why Gateway Tunnel Project, Step Closer to Reality, Is More than Just Transportation Play


January 07, 2021

Sills Cummis’ Jerry Zaro, one of New Jersey’s three trustees of the Gateway Development Corp., was interviewed about the Gateway Tunnel project – something he sees as an economic stimulus that comes with societal and economic benefits too.

According to Zaro, “It’s not just a tunnel. There are very few things that accomplish multiple objectives like this will. For transportation, it speaks for itself. You can’t have a 110-year-old tunnel, carrying 200,000 people a day, reliably and safely forever.” The article went on to say there are the economic, environmental and social benefits. Zaro continued, “Think about the tens of thousands of jobs that this will create. The economic stimulus to the region could help narrow income inequality in this area. And then, there’s the spillover effects of helping environmental emissions by taking cars off of the road. Where else can you get all these societal, economic and environmental benefits from one program. That’s what our program can do.”

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