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Cannabis: A Growing Business Sector in the Garden State?

Commerce Magazine

July 01, 2021

Given existing and new local bans on cannabis growing and selling, COMMERCE asked legal experts how they are advising clients to prepare for new cannabis business opportunities in New Jersey.

According to Robert Schiappacasse, Co-Chair, Cannabis Industry Practice Group, Sills Cummis & Gross:

We are advising clients to be patient and stay informed as municipal governments evaluate the future of the cannabis industry in their towns.  Notwithstanding that the ballot question on legalization of recreational cannabis use passed overwhelmingly, municipal governments are not bound by the vote of their residents in terms of permitting the industry to operate in their town. Many municipal governments are drawing a distinction between their residents wanting the ability to use cannabis and their residents wanting such a business on the corner of Main Street in their town. Since municipalities only have until August 21, 2021 to pass ordinances banning or limiting cannabis businesses within their borders, clients looking to get involved in the industry in New Jersey will not have long to wait for definitive direction as to whether cannabis businesses are banned or limited in a particular municipality.