Op-Ed - N.J. Court's Legacy Rests in Judgments

Philadelphia Inquirer

Peter G. Verniero

March 02, 2006

Peter G. Verniero’s op-ed entitled “N.J. court’s legacy rests in judgments” was published in the March 2, 2006 issue of The Philadelphia Inquirer. This op-ed begins with “Contrary to the suggestion in some quarters that the seven-member New Jersey Supreme Court is too activist, the court does not search for issues to resolve. It decides questions only when asked.” According to this article, “Each year, the court receives about 1,400 petitions to act and grants only about 100….” Mr. Verniero then states what happens once the court decides to hear a case. Additionally, he gives insight into what he did as a former justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court to prepare for a case, to hear a case, to deliberate a case and to write the court’s opinion for a case. Mr. Verniero ends this article with “People are free to disagree with the court’s opinions. I have done so myself in the form of dissents. But I hope all will agree that the court tried always to reach decisions grounded in reason, not rhetoric.”

For a copy of this op-ed, please contact Mr. Verniero.