Op-Ed - Free Judiciary for a Free Society

The Sunday Star-Ledger

Peter G. Verniero

June 07, 2007

Peter G. Verniero's insightful Op-Ed on the role of the judiciary in a free society provides an interesting perspective on the pressures placed on our judges. The article begins with the mention of a recent report that justices of the state Supreme Court required increased police protection after they decided a controversial case. Given the "coarsening of our public disourse," it is no wonder that "threats are the inevitable byproduct." He goes on to say: "The founders were clear that when judges are called on to resolve disputes, they must do so independently and without fear of reprisal."
He suggests that pundits and other opinion makers must try to be persuasive without being personally offensive. "Words matter. In our system, thankfully, they've always mattered. The right of free speech also means we have a right to keep quiet - or at least to lower the volume of the debate."

For a copy of this Op-Ed, please contact Mr. Verniero.