LexisNexis New Jersey Court Rules Annotated, Part IV (2007 to present)

Matthew Bender

Mark E. Duckstein

February 01, 2013

Mark Duckstein, a Member of the Firm, is a contributing author (among three) of the annually updated LexisNexis New Jersey Court Rules Annotated, Part IV, a book that offers a practitioner’s perspective on the rules governing civil litigation and probate practice, including:

  • Expert commentary applying unique practice insights into the application of a rule of law;
  • Pertinent case annotations focused on recent developments, seminal cases, decisions taking the law in a new direction as well as those key cases that have refined an established point of view.

The provided practice commentary is organized in four key categories, including Strategic Points, Warnings, Timing, and Exceptions. More than 650 unique practice tips, interpreting and illuminating Court Rules practice, have been added by the authors. Mr. Duckstein prepared the materials pertaining to the Court Rules concerning Provisional and Final Remedies and Special Proceedings (R. 4:51-R. 4:74).