The Intersection of Leadership Principles and Negotiating Techniques

December 17, 2012
New Jersey Law Center
One Constitution Square, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Jeffrey Hugh Newman
New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education

As attorneys, we spend our lives negotiating - with our spouses, children, co-workers, professional colleagues and adversaries. Most of us also lead in some capacity - families, firms, civic and professional organizations.

Ironically, we may not realize that we are constantly negotiating and leading, primarily because the negotiating and leading that we do is of an everyday and frequently recurring nature, and oftentimes not of material significance.

We may not think of our negotiating styles and leadership skills as connected, but they are. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the techniques that are utilized by successful leaders are the same techniques employed by top negotiators.

At this informative seminar, master negotiator and law firm leader Jeffrey Hugh Newman, Esq. delivers a hard hitting presentation which will both demonstrate and underscore the various techniques that you are either already using without realizing it or will want to use as you continue in your practice and personal life.

This highly informative and fast-paced presentation will merge key techniques for effective leaders and successful negotiators.
You will take away a better understanding of:
• The importance of listening and observing
• The tools and strategies necessary to become an effective leader
• Converting leadership skills into actual day-to-day interfaces
• Various approaches to successful negotiations
• The direct relationship between leadership skills and effective negotiating