New Newark Ordinance Affects Employers and Landlords

November 15, 2012
Jill Turner Lever
Newark Regional Business Partnership

The Newark Municipal Council recently passed a new City ordinance, effective November 19, that will change the way Newark's employers can review job applicants and its landlords can review prospective tenants regarding past criminal history. The law embraces all employers with 5 or more employees and all landlords except those renting rooms in a one-family home or an owner-occupied two family home.

More commonly known as "Ban the Box" legislation, the law removes the "check box" on a job application that indicates a criminal history. The law is intended to remove barriers to gainful employment and stable housing for those who have a criminal record. Many in the business community are unaware of the new ordinance, its provisions and possible unintended consequences.

This teleconference will provide an overview of the new ordinance and outline the basic responsibilities of employers and landlords who would be affected by it.