Green Business – Climate Change: Legal & Business Consequences – International Law Practice Group Seminar

September 24, 2010
The Westin Paris
3 rue de Castiglione, Paris, France
Jeffrey Hugh Newman
ALFA International
Sector-Specific Green Focus: Product Liability, Construction & Real Estate

The Concept of "going green" has rapidly spread to many facets of our lives. The development of environmentally-friendly building materials and construction designs is one such area that raises the potential of so many problems. Evolving building standards, meshed with new manufacturing technologies, raise a host of developing legal issues: What standards govern this process? What is a green product? What happens when a "green" product fails? What type of legal exposure do developers, builders and manufacturers have when a green building goes bad, and how does a company manage such exposure? This sector-specific panel will focus on these and other related issues. The panelists include speakers from Nigeria, France, New Zealand and Jeffrey Hugh Newman, Chair of the Firm's Real Estate Department, from the United States.