Grappling with the State Budget Crisis

June 27, 2014
Ted Zangari
New Jersey Business & Industry Association

June 30 is the constitutional deadline for a balanced budget in New Jersey. As the debate over how to handle the significant budget deficits for both this year and next year comes to a conclusion, the speakers will cover the following:

  • Will there be any increase in taxes or fees affecting your business?
  • Will the phase-in of business tax cuts NJBIA successfully advocated for in 2011 be impacted by the budget shortfall this year? 
  • What incentive programs can you take advantage of that could offset your tax liability? 
  • What is the likelihood of a millionaires' tax? 
  • How will the decisions regarding public employee pensions impact private-sector companies? 
  • How will the dramatic revenue shortfall impact state budget decisions and how will these budget decisions impact your business?