Bootcamp on Hotel Data Security

December 08, 2015
New York, New York
Nicole Joy Leibman
“Better Call Saul!”
In the case of burglary or robbery of a business, thieves target the business’s property. Hackers  aren't aiming to steal your hotel's property but instead want to steal the data that legally belongs to  your guests and employees (which just happens to “be in your possession.”) In that light hear from  an expert about the legal issues if it is stolen from you or a third party you work with.

Attendees  tour the myriad of legal issues including:
1. How to immediately review, and potentially revise third party contractual clauses with  companies that your hotel contracts with for the handling of guest and employee data – i.e.  booking engines, PMS’s, payroll, loyalty club marketing, post stay survey email systems etc.

2. Data protection legislation understanding state and national and regional laws re privacy and  security

3. Potential class action suits that result from data breaches mean costs escalate further with class  actions, and possible litigation from businesses you work with.