3rd Annual Bank and Financial Institutions Special Asset Executive Conference on Real Estate Workouts

March 12, 2012 - March 13, 2012
Marriott New York Downtown
New York, New York
Mitchell D. Haddad
Loan Modification Strategies (Stuart Glick) and A Special Asset Officers Guide to Cure Options: Lessons Learned for Loan: Documentation Deficiencies Including Avoiding Lender Liability (Mitchell Haddad)

The Loan Modification Strategies panel will cover:
• Should you keep the owner involved?
• To TDR or not to TDR: That is the question
• Contrasting regulatory regimes
• Pitfalls of existing remedies
• Participations/Sub debt
• Impact of jurisdiction
• Not getting caught in the tax traps including debt forgiveness and timing of tax event
• Pre-negotiation agreements
• Arms length considerations
• Is extend and pretend still in vogue?
• Anatomy of a discounted pay-off

The Special Asset Officers Guide to Cure Options panel will cover:
• Alternative dispute resolutions
• Litigation & Defense lessons learned
• Debt forgiveness & its tax impact
• Died-in-lieu vs. foreclosure
• Selling the loan back to the borrower
• Lender liability: Does it apply when bringing in external capital?
• The spoken word: Is there potential liability?
• Fixing documentation defects: What do you need to give in return?
• Participation agreements