2017 U.S. Shopping Center Law Conference

October 25, 2017 - October 28, 2017
JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa
San Antonio, Texas
Jeffrey Hugh Newman, Mark S. Levenson, Clint Kakstys
International Council of Shopping Centers

Honing Your Skills to Effectively Embrace Uncertainty and Grow Your Practice (Jeffrey Newman)
This fast-paced session is designed to help lawyers move out of their comfort zones and enhance their skills and capabilities. Techniques will be analyzed to enable lawyers to more effectively obtain and, more importantly, retain and grow their client relationships. Today’s legal paradigm in which we are all involuntarily submerged requires skills well beyond a solid understanding of the substantive law.

TICs and Other Non-Traditional Ownership Structures: A Tangled Tortured Triangle or a Path to Greater Returns? (Mark Levenson)
Tenants-in-common, once used as an effective means for unrelated parties to own real estate, have recently fallen into disfavor of commercial lenders due to the array of control issues the ownership structure presents. In the commercial real estate context, it is not uncommon for tenants-in-common to be difficult to reach or be unresponsive to requests, be unfamiliar with the complexities of property management and financing, and be unaware of local tax requirements since tenants-in-common may be spread across the country. This workshop will address a number of these issues and provide advice on matters such as properly structuring a tenancy-incommon agreement, the engagement of asset and property managers, the appointment of a master tenant-in-common, and reacting to dissenting tenants-in-common, as well as a discussion of other ownership structures that present similar management issues.

Roundtable Discussion: Loan Assumptions (Clint Kakstys)
Clint Kakstys moderated a roundtable discussion on loan assumptions.