2016 Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon

July 14, 2016
Grand Hyatt New York
109 East 42nd Street, New York, New York
Galit Kierkut
National Association of Women Lawyers
Shattering the Unseen: Not Only Revealing Unconscious Bias but Counteracting It, Building a Coalition of Allies, and Propelling Your Career

Well over a decade of research into unconscious bias shows how it is holding us back . . . but it also offers great insight into how we can strategically work together to not only counteract bias, but achieve our professional aspirations.  As a rising tide lifts all boats, we can rise, armed with this data, working smartly and strategically together.

Galit Kierkut (Panel Moderator) along with other experts will explain how.  Drawing upon the collective wisdom of countless studies, our panelists will provide concrete strategies to dismantle bias, build a coalition of allies, advance women in the profession, and achieve great success.  Participants will learn how to become diversity champions and professional powerhouses.