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New Jersey & Company (January 2008)

January 02, 2008

This article discusses the New Jersey Technology Council’s lobbying efforts for the regional tech industry. Ted Zangari, a Member of the Firm, states “Many of the start-up ventures from the ‘90s tech-boom are now mature companies with hundreds if not thousands of employees and multiple facilities. As a result they are much more sensitive to legislative initiatives such as mandatory paid family leave, regulatory mandates coming out of the DEP, and the legal assaults in the form of class action lawsuits. They need more H1-B visas, they want tort reform and they wish for low trade barriers. On the flip-side, our early stage venture companies want more public incentives to build-out broadband, and more research and development grants for emerging technologies, such as solar and biomass, and their investors want lower tax rates on venture-capital investments.”