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Workers' suit vs. Wal-Mart gets new life

The Star-Ledger

June 01, 2007

Peter G. Verniero, a Member of the Firm, was interviewed for a June 1, 2007 article which appeared in The Star-Ledger about a lawsuit by New Jersey Wal-Mart employees against the retailer. According to the article, “The state Supreme Court yesterday certified a class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores by New Jersey employees who claim the nation’s largest retailer denied them meal and rest breaks, and forced them to work off the clock.” The article continues, “Peter Verniero, a former Supreme Court justice now in private practice, said the court’s decision could impact other potential class-action cases.” Verniero said, “This was solely a procedural decision, but a significant one. Class certification is often the issue on which a case will live or die. The court appears to have opened the door widely to class action litigation in New Jersey.”