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New Jersey has educated workers, quality transportation options, and, of course, those big-ticket tax incentives, so … why are companies leaving?


August 11, 2014

As seen in this article, "Site selection is a 'highly complicated, multifaceted decision-making process,' said Ted Zangari, a real estate attorney with Sills Cummis & Gross. When site selection factors are mostly equal, that's when incentives can make the biggest difference, he said.

But often they're not. That's great news if New Jersey is competing against an area in New York City for a business. Not so great if it's Florida or Texas.

'There is a cost differential between New Jersey and, frankly, most other competing states,' Zangari said.

Still, with the retooling of incentives and marketing efforts, not to mention the work of the Red Tape Review Commission, Zangari said he believes New Jersey is in a better place to compete today than it has been in decades.

'We're ahead of the game,' Zangari said."