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State Street: Rejecting Speculation about Special Session on Incentives


March 25, 2013

As stated in this article, "News that final approval of the bills to overhaul New Jersey's business incentives may not happen until May is causing concern in some quarters, but sources are saying they're hopeful the issue is addressed in a special session next month.

Ted Zangari, a real estate attorney with Sills Cummis & Gross P.C., acknowledged the bill is ambitious and highly technical. He said he's disappointed, but not surprised that the bill wasn't passed before the budget break.

'Now the question is how quickly can leadership step up and get the bill on the governor's desk prior to the summer break,' he said.

However, Zangari and other backers may not have to wait until May. Three sources told State Street last week there was talk of holding an April special session to pass the bills sooner rather than later."