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NJ Court: Non-Jewish Man Can Sue Over Anti-Semitic Comments: Harassment Ruling Broadens Scope of the Law

New Jersey Jewish News

April 24, 2012

As stated in this article, "A truck driver at a New Jersey construction firm has won the right to sue his employer after being subjected to 17 months of anti-Semitic slurs, even though he is not Jewish.

Experts say the ruling, by the state Appellate Division, will expand the scope of who can sue for discrimination under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

Mark Levenson, an attorney at Sills Cummis Gross in Newark and president-elect of the State Association of Jewish Federations, praised the appellate ruling.

'In my view, this is a decision of major significance,' he told NJJN. 'The Cowher decision greatly expands the right of individuals in employment discrimination cases. Employers will no longer be able to escape liability by claiming that the aggrieved employee is not a member of a protected class.'"