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New skipper promises a firm hand on the tiller

The Star-Ledger

September 18, 2007

This article, which appeared in The Star-Ledger’s September 18, 2007 issue, discusses the recent nomination of Michael Mukasey as the next attorney general. Jeffrey Greenbaum, a Member of the Firm, was interviewed for this article. According to the article, “Mukasey’s even-handed, no-nonsense approach should provide a steadying force at the Justice Department as it emerges from the months of controversy, said Jeffrey Greenbaum, a Newark attorney and president of the Association of the Federal Bar of New Jersey. Greenbaum, who argued a case before Mukasey about a decade ago, called the retired judge smart, independent and firm.” Greenbaum said, “I had a very positive impression of him. He kept everybody on their toes. He’s someone with enough intellect and independence to restore the integrity that the Justice Department deserves.”