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How to Retain and Attract Businesses to New Jersey

Commerce Magazine

July 10, 2018
Commerce Magazine posed the question, what policies or changes can help make New Jersey a better place to do business? According to Peter Verniero, Chair of Sills Cummis & Gross’ Corporate Internal Investigations and Appellate Practice Groups: “A clear set of commercial rules and policies can help every business plan for the future; that’s why it’s critical for commercial statutes and regulations to be written and construed unambiguously. The substance of these rules and laws reflect many policy goals, including protecting consumers and the environment; ensuring a workplace free of discrimination; growing the economy so that everyone can benefit; and providing businesses with the opportunity to compete fairly and to create jobs in all sectors. Those goals should not be seen as mutually exclusive, but instead as part of what makes New Jersey an attractive place in which to live and work. We assist our commercial clients in understanding the laws and policies affecting their lines of work. From that perspective, lawyers should strive to bring clarity to a client’s understanding of an ever-changing regulatory environment so that businesses can operate properly and to their full potential, for the benefit of all stakeholders.”