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Housing Proposal Outlined for Golf Course on Mahwah-Upper Saddle River Border

The Record

June 12, 2015
As seen in this article, "Residents and Planning Board members this week questioned an applicant about the future of the golf course at the Apple Ridge Country Club, which one day could be home to 44 single-family homes.

The applicant is proposing to remediate acres of arsenic-contaminated soil, restore a brook running through the property and replace hundreds of trees. 

The 49-year-old golf course, a 100-plus-acre property that straddles Upper Saddle River's border with Mahwah, was purchased last June by two ownership groups, Apple Ridge Mahwah LLC and Apple Ridge USR LLC. 

The groups paid $6.4 million and $4 million, respectively, for roughly 50-acre portions of the property. 

The Apple Ridge Country Club is still operating; its general manager hung up the phone when a reporter called seeking comment.

Apple Ridge Mahwah LLC is seeking to build 34 single-family homes on the Mahwah portion of the golf course.

Wednesday's hearing in Upper Saddle River dealt with the first part of the application: a permit to move contaminated soil and restore Pleasant Brook. 

The applicant's attorney, Kevin Moore, said future hearings would cover the subdivision application and a soil removal permit to grade the soil for the subdivision."