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Legal Era Magazine

July 01, 2018

Charles H. Kaplan, a Member of the Sills Cummis & Gross Employment and Labor Practice Group, is quoted on data privacy and employment laws in the U.S.

As seen in this article, "We have very different rules. In California, it is very clear that there is a right to privacy. In New York, for example, there is no right to privacy outside of some statutory rights that are very limited, having to deal with the use of somebody's photo for commercial purposes. I think the one thing that is very difficult for foreign-owned companies in the US is to really sort of wrap their hands around the diversity of US legal precedents...because you are really dealing...with 50 jurisdictions and a number of them - New York, Florida, California, Ohio, Texas, Washington State, Michigan - have very substantial economies. California alone - if it was a stand-alone country - would have the 7th largest GDP."