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Development Issues Include Eminent Domain

Real Estate New Jersey, March 2006

March 01, 2006

Ted Zangari, a Member of the Firm, was interviewed for this March 2006 Real Estate New Jersey article covering topics such as eminent domain, legislation that addresses the ability of municipalities to take land off the table for redevelopment and the fast track law. The article is entitled "Development Issues Include Eminent Domain." According to Zangari, "Hopefully, he [Governor Corzine] will support the Time of Decision Bill that would amend the municipal land use laws to prevent towns from rezoning a property at the last minute. Developers can spend millions on research and planning and the municipality can pull the plug, and the law would change that so the ordinance in place at the time of application would be frozen. Another bill likely to come before the governor would create a land use court with land use judges."