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Developer wins round in fight over off-site work

The Star-Ledger

April 01, 2008

Peter G. Verniero, a Member of the Firm, was interviewed for an article on a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling on land-use powers in Burlington County. This article appeared in the April 1, 2008 issue of The Star-Ledger and according to article, “In the first ruling of its type, the state Supreme Court yesterday held that a developer cannot be compelled to shoulder more than its share of the cost of off-site improvements.” “This is a significant decision governing developer agreements,” said former Justice Peter G. Verniero, who ruled on land-use cases while serving on the high court and continues to follow the issue. “You do not see many high-court decisions on this subject. The decision is a strong reminder that a municipality’s land-use powers are not unlimited. Towns are going to have to be more careful about these agreements.”